Mr. Incredible is a superhero with super-strength. He was the first super to be sued for collateral damage and around the time was married to Elastigirl and they had children. Mr. Incredible was lured into Operation Krnonos by the villain Syndrome, who he had defeated and later confronted the Underminer but was arrested, and after this government agent Rick Dicker had been retiring and his only offer was to move him to a hotel.


  • Mega strength, near invulnerability
  • Ability to sense imminent danger
  • Incredible - M.E.V. car with onboard weaponry, danger finder, evasion countermeasures


  • Easily distracted. Inability to set priorities
  • Extremely possessive of NSA supplied incredible
  • Won legendary eating contest with Thunderhead at NSA picnic. Eating 47 boysenberry pies. 8 banana creams. 3 apple-crumbs and a liter of mayonnaise
  • Nickname around the NSA "Mr. Inedible"